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Cheap motorcycle tires delivered quickly

Our freight and conditions apply to the Federal Republic of Germany. Certainly every time we also like to provide to other European countries coupled with our known favorable conditions with the usual high quality of service.

delivery conditions

  • FOB from 2 motorcycle tires
  • 1 Motorcycle tires € 5.50
  • 2 Roller tires are thandled as 1 Motorcycle tire
  • 4 tubes are handled as 1 motorcycle tire.
  • 3 moped tires are handled as 1 Motorcycle tire
  • For goods less than 30, - € we charge € 5.90 Freight
  • The island surcharge is € 12.50
    For freight rates for shipping outside Europe please ask our sales team.

    Orders placed until 3 PM are usually shipped the same day.
    Cancellations and denials are calculated assuming a 10% fee of the value plus related freight charges.
    Please contact us if you like to call 0049 9721 79 68 0 or electronically via e-Mail.
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